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'Trust' back in the spotlight

CIPD logo - trust'Trust' is the cornerstone of high performing teams. Yet despite all the guidance and support that organisations have received over recent years it is interesting to note the findings from the latest 'Employee Outlook' report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 'Focus on Trust in Leaders'.

What we see is the trust gap that sits between employees and their senior managers. It is important to state that this does not imply that senior managers are duplicitous or underhand, it just suggests that life and decisions at the top are not transparent to those that are affected - the staff.

The report goes on to ask 'And what do trustworthy leaders do to create a climate of trust?' Simply put, the answer lies in activities that senior managers already know: Be approachable, competent and consistent, act with honesty and integrity, inclusivity.

The 8 elements that produce a high performing team

Here at AfPE Ltd we keep at the cutting edge of change and new approaches in relation to achieving high team performance. The below framework, that we have developed from a range of different recognised sources, reflects the latest academic and practitioner thinking in this area.

CIPD logo - trust

With 'trust' underpinning high performance in teams, as a leader or senior manager 'trust' in your team needs to be right. Approaches for Performance Excellence Ltd can help you.

When it comes to developing trust we draw on the work of some of the finest experts in this field including Will Shultz, Dr Steve Peters, Veronica Hope-Hailey and Robert Kegan.

We guide you and your teams through a range of carefully managed activities to help you safely create an environment of trust between each other. Once that has been accomplished, we can then help you achieve the other key elements of a high performing team:

  • A shared purpose and vision
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Collaborative relationships
  • Effective leadership
  • Good communication
  • Defined Lean processes
  • Relevant measures

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