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My name is Tom Morrell. I have specialised in people engagement and resolving conflict for over 35 years

My focus is to help leaders and managers get the best from their people.

I undertake organisational employee engagement 'health' checks providing a comprehensive report and recommendations to, where necessary, help promote change.

I provide associate support to larger organisations, such as Hemsley Fraser , where I support the design and delivery of training around Employee Engagment.

I deliver training events for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD),

Peter Cheese, CIPD CEO, and Tom Morrell.jpg

Peter Cheese, CEO of CIPD, and me

I am at the cutting edge of employee engagement in London, chairing the regional Engage for Success, Thought and Action Group.

Engage for Success is a movement commissioned by the Prime Minister to promote effective employee engagement in all UK businesses. Employee Engagement

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Making an award to Professor Rebecca Boden at Roehampton University on behalf of the Chartered Management Institue

I am a lead assessor involved with the British Quality Foundation. I assess companies that are seeking national awards for excellence. I play a prominent part in the BQF Model User Group, helping to organise events that aim to give leaders and managers in member organisations a competitive advantage.

Employee Engagement through the BQF

Providing training on employee engagement

Providing employee engagement training, recently delivered at Samsung

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Tom's skill and experience are evident. He is able to work with a group of people and help them work together as a team.

Paul Milsom
Area Manager

Transport for London

Valerie gives wise counsel and acts promptly to provide solutions. She is a great person to have sitting next to you through difficult HR situations

Director of Finance & Support Offices
Naomi Connell

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