Promoting Team Compatibility and Organisation Assessment

Underpinning our work of promoting team compatibility is the experience we have in organisation assessment in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. When working with you at the micro-level of individual and team we have the background picture of how promoting team compatibility positively impacts on the wider leadership and strategic needs of the organisation.

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Organisation assessment with the BQF

Listed opposite reflects some of the organisation assessment undertaken with companies through the British Quality Foundation (BQF), where our director is a Lead Assessor.

Founded in 1993 by Government and leading UK businesses, the BQF is an independent, not-for-profit, corporate membership organisation. The BQF promotes the 2013 EFQM Excellence Model across the UK on behalf of its European parent, the EFQM. 

AfPE Ltd is a member of the BQF 2010 EFQM Excellence Model User Group Steering Committee.  In this capacity we facilitate and support managers from member organisations at the events the Committee organises each year.

The model is deployed by 30,000 organisations in Europe and the UK and is independently proven to dramatically improve organisational performance, reduce costs and increase turnover. In helping organisations to manage and resolve team conflict we use the model to ensure that all of the work we do remains balanced and focused in the wider context.

Strategy Review - a Membership Organisation

AfPE Ltd engaged a membership organisation whose future direction had become clouded. Working closely with the Area Manager and his team we completed a thorough strategic review.

Having identified the key issues AfPE Ltd enabled the group to plot a series of solutions and develop an clear action plan for implementation.

The Area Manager, Paul, said "Tom's skill and experience is evident. He is able to work with a group of people and help them work together as a team."

Mentoring and Coaching

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I mentor and coach clients who want to improve their ability to promote team compatibility, their leadersip skills, or just achieve their goals.

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Presentation Series

Last year AfPE delivered a series of presentations on using and implementing the EFQM Excellence Model in organisations and is available to deliver to your organisation.

One presentation was delivered to Chartered Management Institute members at the University of Roehampton.

Daniel Alabede, a manager from South West Trains said "This is inspiring, educative and informative.  I am happy that I attended this event."

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