Industrial strategy and the future of skills policy - The high road to sustainable growth

A fascinating piece of research from Oxford University that highlights the plight of the employee relationship. Clearly portrayed in an article by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 'Industrial strategy and the future of skills policy - The high road to sustainable growth' explains the need for leaders and senior managers to effectively address the challenges of both the talented and low skilled workforce.

Focus on Trust

An interesting piece of research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development called 'Focus on Trust in Leaders' highlights the need for leaders and senior managers to generate an atmosphere of trust within their teams.

Employee Engagement

Engage for Success published this report that captures the views of CEOs. Take a look at 'Engagement Through CEO Eyes'. It highlights, in particular, the fears that seem to inhibit senior managers from engaging with their staff, something that Approaches for Performance Excellence can help leaders and their teams overcome. Have a look at our page on 'Focus on Trust'

Seven Strategies for Simplifying Your Organisation

Ron Ashkenas, a managing partner of Schaffer Consulting, provides managers with some useful reminders about how they can deal with complexity. Click here for the download.

High Performing Teams

Are the teams for which you are responsible failing to deliver to their optimum? Do they only achieve the bear minimum?

This page includes useful information to help executives promote high performing teams for which they are accountable. For more information on how we can directly support you to achieve 'High Performing Teams' click the link: 'High Performing Teams'.

For information on evolving research in this area, see below.

Employee Engagement to promote High Performance

Bruce Rayton et al from the University of Bath Management School undertook some significant research that displays the benefits of effective employee engagement and its link to high performance. By 'high performance' we mean the improvement of performance, productivity and, in the private sector, profitability.
Click here to download the full report..

Engage for Success

Approaches for Performance Excellence leads a special interest group that is exploring 'Authentic Employee Engagement Through Integrity.

Working closely with Kingston University and the national 'Engage for Success' movement we have now developed terms of reference for the group. Our first intention is to hold a business seminar in Central London during the autumn 2013.

For more information click the link: Click here to download the Terms of Reference..

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